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Planning for a carpet upgrade can be a stressful process. At Rawlings Flooring America, we’re here to help you each step of the way. Unsure what type of carpet would suit your home? From waterproof selections to high-performance, stain-proof carpeting, we’ve got something for even the messiest hiking trips. So, what can you expect from our local flooring store? Our team is available for a complimentary in-house measurement, design assistance, and quality, warranty-backed installations once you’ve found the perfect fit.

With life on the go, start exploring all your options from the comfort of your home. Have one of our sample boxes shipped directly to your door and visualize what a new carpet may look like in any of your rooms. Leave stains in the past and discover what the future of comfort has in store.

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What are the Best Carpeting Materials?

When it comes to selecting a new carpet, understanding the materials and their properties can be an important factor when coupled with your lifestyle. While some materials provide maximum comfort, others may be suited best for high-traffic areas. Let’s cover the basics of the most common carpeting materials:

  • Nylon: The most common fiber found in residential carpets, nylon offers a durable surface and design versatility. Static-free, and resistant to mildew, mold, and everyday wear and tear. Nylon is a great choice for
  • Polyester: Extremely soft and stain-resistant, polyester is often an affordable alternative to nylon carpeting. Polyester texture provides perfect comfort for bedrooms and living spaces.
  • Olefin: Vibrant and durable, Olefin’s color won’t fade even when exposed to direct sunshine, bleaches, or other harsh chemicals. Olefin is commonly found in low-profile, Berber loop carpets. Olefin is perfect for high-sunshine areas like porches.
  • Triexta: Similar to polyester, triexta is an affordable alternative with a long-lasting reputation.

Offering Trusted Carpet Brands

Providing our customers with quality brand names is important to our team. Beyond the pure comfort of stepping into a carpeted room, our branded inventory offers beautiful design choices ranging from bold patterns to cooling colors. With waterproof carpet qualities integrated into the fibers, our flooring is pet and family-friendly. While most carpeting absorbs spills quickly, our products resist water naturally, allowing you to clean the surface before damaging seepage occurs. Browse our online catalog and explore some of our favorite brands, including Design Distinctions, Core Elements, and Hearth & Home.

What Types of Carpet are Available?

Let us assist you in discovering the various benefits of carpet that make it a perfect choice for your home. Our carpet options include non-slip features and allergy-resistant surfaces. A new carpet can hide uneven subfloors and breathe fresh life into your living room, bedroom, or study for homeowners who live in historic homes. We carry beiges and neutrals for a tranquil design that is easy to match with existing décor. Additionally, we also offer eye-popping colors such as deep burgundy or pale blue for those hoping to see a splash of color at home.

We always recommend contacting our specialists as you plan to acquire a new carpet. We are pleased to offer the following carpeting types at our Kennewick location:

Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpeting is made of a cut-pile construction and is exceptionally plush. Frieze's long-lasting curling fibers are well-known for their ability to camouflage dirt. With a knotted appearance, frieze can add a textured style that gives character to any room while blending colors and patterns.

Loop Carpet

The surface of loop carpeting is constructed with uncut loop fibers. A level-loop carpet style comes woven or tufted, with a same-height loop surface. A multi-loop carpet has two or three different pile heights in each loop. These carpets have a casual style that can prevent foot imprints from appearing.

Cut-loop Carpet

Cut-loop carpeting, on the other hand, is designed exactly as it sounds. The loop fibers have been cut straight with this product, resulting in a snag-free consistency that is popular among individuals who have children, dogs, and cats.

Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpets are made using the same methods as printing paper. Flatbed screen printing, rotary screen printing, Stalwart printing, and sophisticated computer-programmed jet printing are some of the design processes used. Contemporary style guides and 5-star hotels are known to flaunt the beautiful patterns that can be achieved with this carpeting type.

Saxony & Textured Saxony Carpet

Saxony carpets are cut-pile carpets that can add a touch of luxury to any room in your home. Saxony Type patterns are resistant to wear, shading, and traffic marks in your home. Textured Saxony uses the same fiber types, though they’ve been twisted in different directions to offer a coarser appearance.

Berber Carpet

When describing Berber, the term generally is associated with lighter carpeting hues that have been flecked with darker colors. Berber's natural strength and soil hiding capabilities make it a go-to floor for active areas in the home. Often crafted with a loop-style cut, this product is a popular selection among consumers.

Why Choose Carpet for Your Home?

One of the many reasons people love our carpets is how easy the cleaning process can be. Give your carpet the attention it needs, and your floor will remain vibrant for years. Whether you want an area rug, stair runner, or wall-to-wall carpeting, comfort and ease are at the heart of our products. With just a bit of regular vacuuming and annual, professional cleaning, you’ll have more time to focus on the activities you love while enjoying a vibrant floor. Check out our Carpet Care & Warranty Guide for more helpful cleaning tips! We are always happy to provide cleaning product recommendations at the time of purchase.

Professional Carpet Installation Available at Rawlings Flooring America

Before attempting a DIY carpet installation, consider hiring one of our experienced technicians. Inexperienced carpet installation can result in mistakes or substandard craftsmanship. Our team consists of well-trained and experienced professionals that are dedicated to completing your home renovation project. All our carpeting selections are covered by our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee.


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